Awana Games

Kids love games time! Lots of fun with their friends!

Games Time is 30 minutes of pure fun for the kids where they burn off a LOT of energy.

Awana games are designed to teach kids teamwork and sportsmanship, while allowing them to have fun and burn some energy. Sprint Pin Pickup and Circle Relay are favorites. The Sparks love to play Sparky Crawl, Sparky Safari, Sparky Train and Rabbit Hunt. The older clubbers love to play Bean Bag Relay, Sprint Relay, Marathon Relay, Sprint Race, Balloon Relay and North Pole/South Pole just to name a few.

Awana games use the Awana games floor: a circle (traditionally 30 feet in diameter) divided in four sections with crossing diagonal lines that form a giant "X" in the circle's center. Inside of the circle, there's a center square, with 9-foot sides. Each of the four main diagonal lines is a different color: green, blue, red and yellow; there are five hash marks on each line (equally spaced from the circle to the middle of the line inside the circle).

There are Regional Awana Games that offer a great opportunity to compete against local Awana Clubs from Mountain Home to the Oregon Border. It's competitive enough to challenge church teams to succeed, but always uplifting, fun and exciting.