Awana Grand-Prix

Build cars. Build relationships. Build excitement!

The T&T clubbers, Awana workers and even T&T parents/guardians participate in the Annual Grand-Prix Race event.  The event creates a win-win situation. Not only trying to win the races – but winning moms, dads, kids, even grandparents to Christ! The event provides the perfect venue to present the gospel message.

Clubbers build cars at home with the assistance of their parents. This is a great opportunity - make it a family project building your cars and Have Fun! After selecting the design, it is suggested that the parents do the cut out of the car. For those who don't have the tools, we will help out at club to shape the cars. Clubbers can finish the sanding and painting! 

Cars are judged on both Speed AND Design.

Speed Event – There are 3 race categories: 3rd & 4th graders, 5th & 6th graders and workers & parents. All cars will race at least 8 times against different combinations of fellow racers. The 3 fastest finishers in each catagory, based on cumulative time, will receive trophies.

Design Event – All cars will be evaluated for Representation (how well the car resembles what it is meant to be), originality, creativity, and kid Input (the effort that the clubber made in building the car). All judging is done by follow racers before the event begins and the top 3 vote getters from each of the 3 racing categories will receive trophies. 

Please see the official rules provided with your kit, but there are lots of tips and tricks on the web. You can start at Grand-Prix Race Central.

Just remember the most important rule; Enjoy the time with your friends and family and HAVE FUN!